Post Degree

Relationship with the working world

The Residence Murialdo organizes every year meetings with the working world, company managers, university professors and expert human resources. This because we believe that the relationship between university and the working world should be created from the start and that the students should be aware of this network.

Curriculum Vitae

One of the most frequent errors is in thinking that a curriculum is something to do at a later date when you have finished your studies. It is actually something to take into consideration during so as to take conscience of your skills and give value to where you want to go and reflect on your stronger abilities, so should be starting from the first years of your studies.

At the moment at the Residence Murialdo we do this with the help of an expert Francesca Bassi who teaches at the Statistics department at the university of Padua .

Study aid groups

Everything is designed to facilitate your daily study and achieve your goals